CC or BCC when emailing Invoices

This update allows you to carbon copy (Cc) or blind carbon copy (Bcc) when emailing invoices to your customers.    When you’re in an invoice screen you will see where you can add multiple email addresses in the email field by separating with a comma.  You will also see the Cc/Bcc hyperlink directly below the email field which will allow you to enter a Cc or Bcc email address.  You can also set defaults on EVERY invoice that is created by going into the Company settings

Editable PO Default Message

You now have the ability to edit the default message on the Purchase Order form. This can be done via: Gear Icon > Company Settings > Expenses > Default Message on Purchase Orders.  Complete the field with the required default message that you want to go out with all Purchase Orders.  This default message can be seen on the PO form under the Item details.  If required, you can add additional comments in this field.  Click here to learn how.

Reports Update

QuickBooks Online now has new-look Redesigned Reports which are easy to customise.  Once in the reports section go to All Reports to bring up a list of reports for different areas of the business.  PS:  Make sure you have turned on Redesigned Reports in QuickBooks Labs settings.  Under the Business Overview heading you will see 7 new reports being;

  1. Profit and loss comparison
  2. Profit and loss by month
  3. Profit and loss % of total income
  4. Quarterly profit and loss summary
  5. Protit and loss YTD comparison
  6. Profit and loss by customer
  7. Balance sheet detail

Click here to learn more about the new reports.

Recurring Transaction Management

With the latest release, you now have more control over the management of the recurring transactions.  Under the Action button, you now have the ability to Duplicate, Pause and Skip Next Date.  Lauretta Finis has written a great blog on the topics listed above in QuickBooks Product Updates   Click here to view.


Online learning is such a convenient way to gain the skills you require at a time that suits you and your business.  If you have a couple of hours to spare, check out this amazing 2 hour QuickBooks Online training webinar delivered by Diane Lucas.  PS:  Contact us for a copy of the PDF manual that accompanies the webinar.  If you don’t have the time for the full two hour session, take a look at some of the short training videos listed below to learn some of the basics.  These step by step instructions can help you to learn to use QuickBooks Online in no time at all.  

Adding customers to QuickBooks

A great way to start working in QuickBooks is to add your customers’ contact info. You can import a spreadsheet all at once or add customers one at a time. click here for the video.

Receiving payments in QuickBooks

You got paid! Great—now you need to record the payment in QuickBooks. That’s called receiving a payment. Click here to watch this video to learn how.

Record sales & payments in QuickBooks 

You’re making sales and getting paid — great! This video shows you how to record sales and payments in QuickBooks.  Click here to view.

Add suppliers to QuickBooks

A great way to start working in QuickBooks is to add your suppliers’ contact info. You can import a spreadsheet all at once or add suppliers one at a time.  Click here to view.

Enter bills into QuickBooks

Entering bills into QuickBooks is how you can track how much money you owe your suppliers at any given time.  Click here to learn how.

How to enter delayed charges into QuickBooks

Do you keep a bunch of post-its on your desk to remind you what products you bought and services you did for customers? Instead, use delayed charges to keep track and create invoices when the time comes.  Click here to learn how.

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