Reckon Ltd

I was so pleased to hear that Coralie and Fiona had acquired T3 Ventures from Glenn Anthoney for a few reasons although I haven’t spoken to Glenn as to his plans, I’m sure they’ll be good ones and I’m happy to see his legacy live on. I have known Coralie and Fiona for many years. Too many to mention actually, but throughout that time, they have always been at the very top of the pile when it comes to supporting Reckon and our products and helping our customers to get the best out of what we have to offer. Reckon has been through a year or more of enormous reinvention. We have amalgamated our two major entities, being Reckon and APS so that a everything is now under the one Brand. We have rejuvenated the entire senior management team. We have separated ourselves from Intuit and renamed the products we licensed from them. We have moved all our products to the web and we have launched our first pure cloud offering in Reckon One. This stuff doesn’t happen without support and professionalism from our VIPs such as Coralie and Fiona and whilst all this change at Reckon was happening, I feared they may have lost faith in our direction. Well, those fears have been removed entirely with this acquisition of theirs. I am so pleased to see that they have grabbed this new opportunity by both horns and are coming along for what is destined to be one heck of a ride. Congratulations Gals… and the very best for the future of T3 Partners.

Fond regards / Greg Wilkinson Founder and Deputy Chairman - Reckon Ltd

Terrain Natural

Resource Management

In 2009 we made the decision to change our accounting system to Reckon Accounts (formally QuickBooks), which was a daunting task, given that we are not for profit organisation with several funding sources, and running multiple programs. I’m not sure how we found Coralie and Fiona, but it’s lucky that we did. They were able to guide us through the changeover process, setting up our file, documenting procedures and providing training. The many, often complex challenges that this process presented, were overcome with determination, patience and good humour. Since that time Coralie has supported our staff to increase our knowledge of Reckon Accounts, and empowered us to do much of our own troubleshooting, although there are still occasions when I have to send out a distress call to Coralie, who has never let me down. We have also had the pleasure of working with Paula who assists us with upgrades and payroll summaries each year. In the face of any challenge she is calm and unflappable, always getting the job done within what is usually a limited time frame. T3 Partners are an integral part of the Terrain support network and I look forward to a continued relationship as they move into exciting times with the expansion of their business.

Bronwen Hickman / Senior Finance Officer Terrain Natural Resource Management

Kingstons Upholstery Service

“Some time ago I made the decision to move to the cloud to save time on data entry and to save myself the headache of upgrading software on my computer each year. T3 Partners not only recommended QuickBooks online but they assisted in converting our data from my previous accounting software and taught us how to use this intuitive product. Our bank transactions now feed directly into the software which saves me heaps of time each month on data entry and I’ll never need to worry about upgrading software again. Best of all, my accountant now has direct access to my data file”. T3 Partners continues to assist us with our quarterly BAS preparation and lodgement which gives me safe harbour with the Australian Taxation Office and the peace of mind that the job is getting done accurately and on time. Thank you for the support T3 Partners”

Julie Kingston / Kingstons Upholstery Service Brandon Qld

ea Consulting Group

In 2010 we (ea Consulting Group) engaged T3 Partners, formally Remote Bookkeepers to ease the compliance burden on myself and our business in terms of the day to day operations. By doing this it allowed us to focus on the things that were really important to us, like growing our business. Their work is of an incredibly high quality and standard and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone who is looking to achieve the same objectives we were

Peter Sanders / Managing Director - ea Consulting Group

Reckon Ltd

Through my time at Reckon I have worked with Coralie on a number of different things and it is always evident that she puts her clients first and works at ways to achieve her clients objectives. Coralie is passionate and committed, with a no mess no fuss attitude determined to succeed. I would recommend her to anyone looking for a dedicated person to help grow their business.

Dean Darke / Group Product Manager Reckon Ltd.

Learn to Swim

“Recently I made the decision to move from desktop accounting software to QuickBooks Online. Being extremely busy, I was apprehensive about moving to the “cloud” and committing to learn a new accounting system but decided to give it a go as this seemed like the way of the future. Given I never liked bookwork, I was pleasantly surprised to find this new system easy to learn and actually enjoyed using it. My bookkeeping time has significantly decreased with bank feeds automatically adding my transactions to my data file and the use of rules in the software means less time is spent on coding. My accountant has access to my file as do T3 Partners, my BAS Agents. I highly recommend this product for anyone wishing to save time on their books and I highly recommend T3 Partners for anyone needing help to make the transition”

Christine Viero / Learn to Swim with Chris Viero North Qld.

Southern Colliery Maintenance

We have been working with T3 Partners (previously T3 Ventures since 2005. Mining industry Awards and Agreements are complex and Fiona has worked exhaustively to adapt our Reckon Accounts Premier to cope with this complexity. Our payroll and Accounts Receivable systems are now streamlined and simple to process on a weekly basis. We couldn’t have done it without Fiona and her team.

Paul DeLeeuw Director / Southern Colliery Maintenance