Choosing cloud accounting software – Try before you buy.


There’s so many Cloud accounting packages available today it’s no wonder business owners struggle with the decision on which one is right for them.  Choosing correctly the first time will save a lot of stress, heartache and unnecessary expense.  

Cloud accounting products are also evolving daily and features change frequently it’s therefore extremely hard to compare them.  In addition, there’s all sorts of other applications that will link to most cloud software packages allowing you to create a whole Cloud based “Ecosystem”.   Cloud products can have similar features like live bank feeds, the ability to email out of the product, being able to create ABA files to upload to the bank and most importantly direct access for your accountant and bookkeeper.  How is it then that you choose?  Do you use what your friend up the road uses or perhaps what your accountant suggests?  Firstly stick to your personal values and most importantly do your research and TRIAL products.  Most Cloud products can be trialled for a period of time before having to make any decisions.  It’s a good idea to get trials and run them alongside your current solution to ensure you are aware of what the product will or won’t do for you. 

Following are a few links to trial versions and some information about the Companies behind the software and some of the funky and sometimes unique features.



Reckon is an Australian Company & supports software on three platforms.  Desktop, Hosted and Cloud versions and all data is stored in servers within Australia.

Click HERE to download any of the trials for the Reckon Accounts range. (including Reckon Hosted).

Click HERE to watch a 1 minute video to learn about Reckon’s cloud product Reckon One and click HERE to trial it.




 QuickBooks Online comes to us from Intuit which was founded in 1983.  It’s been cloud ready for 10 years and has one million users.  Data is not stored in Australia.

Click HERE for a free trial.

Click HERE to watch a short video demonstrating how great this product is.



Xero is a global company with offices in the US, UK, Australia and New Zealand.  Over 400 000 small business choose to use Xero in their business & data is not stored in Australia.

Click HERE to start a free trial and click HERE to see a short introductory video.



MYOB founded in 1991 and has approximately 1.2 million users.  60% of Accountants use MYOB as their practise solution.

Click HERE for a free trial of MYOB and click HERE to see a short introductory video.


We hope this assists you by having several products to evaluate from the one place.  Happy testing.

Remember to give us a call is you have questions and we’ll be happy to help you out.




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