Growcom Women in Horticulture events Far North QLD.

Growcom Women in Horticulture events

Managing your time and wellbeing in a busy world.

Bowen and Innisfail September 2015.


Last month T3 Partners “unplugged” and hit the road to present at two events in FNQ for Growcom Australia.  The events held in Bowen and Innisfail were workshops open to any women working in any agribusiness and were designed to assist any women who may be finding it difficult to balance the many demands placed on them as a business woman, partner, mother, volunteer and friend.  Attendees were invited along to take time out to focus on what they can do to better manage their time and wellbeing to achieve a happier, more balanced and productive life whilst still growing their business.

The events, sponsored by Austsafe Super and Rabo Bank had two guest presenters being Coralie Kemp from T3 Partners and Deborah Kennedy from Super Friend.

Coralie’s presentation was all about understanding how you can use cloud accounting technology to grow your business, maximise profitability and save time.  She gave an overview of various cloud accounting programs, did comparisons and case studies on business structures similar to the attendees and also offered tips and considerations to help make informed decisions when thinking about moving to the “cloud” and how to best choose the accounting package to best suit your business needs.

Coralie has a true understanding of the challenges faced on a day-to-day basis when managing a business amid a rising tide of industry, environmental, global, economic and/or personal changes and having worked with clients in far NQ for the past 15 years she is well aware of the difficulties clients face on a day to day basis in the agriculture and horticultural sector. 

Deborah Kennedy, Program Development Manager at SuperFriend was the other guest presenter at the events and her presentation was all about how to reduce stress levels and achieve higher levels of wellbeing for yourself and employees.

The presentation was designed to help attendees understand how you can improve and maintain your wellbeing, better manage the impact of money issues on your mental health and invest in workplace wellbeing to achieve a healthier, happier workplace.

Deborah is the Program Development Manager at SuperFriend Mental Health Promotion Foundation, and has 25 years’ experience in the design and implementation of capacity building initiatives across social health, General Practice, policing, and State Government.

The feedback from the events has been very positive and attendees were able to take some valuable information away with them.

Here’s what one attendee from the recent Gatton event said;

“I found this workshop really useful and have put into place the cloud for my MYOB which has simplified things in the office with electronically paying employees and accounts. I have also used the MYOB superannuation clearing account, which makes this tedious job a lot simpler too. For the first time ever at this time of the year when we have been busy harvesting I am up-to-date with everything – what a great feeling!!!” Kylie, fruit and tree nut grower 

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