Reckon Accounts News August 2016


Reckon One Goes Vertical

Reckon One is having a major update and amongst other things is going vertical.

What this means is that navigation will move from horizontal to vertical making it easier to navigate.  Less clicks to get what you’re after means more productivity for you.  In addition to the new navigation, some functions have been renamed to make Reckon One more intuitive.  An example would be where Selling has been renamed to Money In.   Reckon One will also be able to adjust its layout in a fluid way which will enhance the Reckon One experience on a mobile.  Click here to learn more.


Reckon Accounts Hosted

If you’re a Reckon Accounts Desktop user thinking about moving to the cloud have you had a look at Reckon Accounts Hosted lately?  This online accounting solution has the power of desktop accounting coupled with the magic of the cloud.  Here are 20 things about Reckon Hosted you may not know.


  1. All of your data is stored in Australia.
  2. Stick with the desktop software you’ve grown to love but use it in the cloud.  Minimal investment required for re-skilling.
  3. Superior reporting.  200+ types of reports and graphs plus multi-company reporting.  Export to excel with formulas.
  4. Unlimited payroll.  Process pay for unlimited staff with comprehensive employee management.
  5. Massive lists.  Store up to 1 million inventory, customers & suppliers combined.
  6. Job Management.  Stay in control and increase profits with Reckons powerful job tracking tools.
  7. Integration.  BAS & Payment Summary online lodgement via your online accounting software.
  8. Link to your bank.  Connect Reckon Accounts Hosted to your financial institution and download all of your bank transactions.
  9. Scalable.  Up to 200 simultaneous users and unlimited company files.
  10. Business insights.  Customisable dashboard with drill-down capability into your finances.
  11. Advanced inventory.  East entry, tracking and reconciliation of all your inventory movement and costs in the cloud right from your accounting software.
  12. Customisable invoices.  Easily create and tailor invoices to include your logo, payment terms and more.
  13. Multi-currency.  Manage and record transactions in different currencies.
  14. User roles – 14 pre-defined and customisable roles to keep your important data safe.
  15. Free, automatic updates – all year round.
  16. Reduce IT costs by removing IT servers and running your accounting software online in your internet browser from your PC, laptop or tablet.
  17. 24/7 support from an online community or toll free support during business hours
  18. Share files with your accountant or bookkeeper instantly.
  19. Bank-level security
  20. Reckon is successful ASX listed Australian public company that’s been used by over 600,000 customers and trusted for 25+ years.


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