Training News – The importance of software & bookkeeping skills review. The best gift you could ever give.

When was the last time you had any training on using your accounting software package?  Was it when you first purchased it and set it up?  Perhaps it was a couple of years ago when you had an issue?  or perhaps you’ve never had any formal training?

Whatever your situation, it’s always a good idea to get a review on your software solution and procedures around using it. You could be spending way too much time performing tasks that can now be automated or perhaps you’ve simply outgrown your current solution and it’s no longer meeting your business requirements.

A check up on your bookkeeping skills is also recommended from time to time to ensure you’re entering data correctly with correct tax codes for BAS preparation.  Errors and incorrect reporting can be costly if left unattended.

The team of consultants at T3 Partners are Reckon accredited partners, Certified Pro-Advisors with QuickBooks Online & Xero Certified Advisors.  Most importantly , they’re all business owners like yourself and understand what’s important to a business owner.  They can assist with ensuring your software still meets your business needs and that you’re using the product to save the most amount of time possible.

Why not consider one of our service packages as a Christmas gift for yourself or your staff this year.  What better gift could be given than freeing up time (to do more of the things you LIKE to do).


T3 Partners ESSENTIAL service is designed to take away the stress of managing your accounting software and technology solutions.  There’s no cost for this service package except for your software.  Best of all, Essential Service clients can talk to us at any time (at no cost) to ensure their software is still meeting their requirements.  Click HERE for more information. 


T3 Partners EVOLUTION service is designed to take the stress away from managing the cashflow and stress of taking care of technology, training and Tax (BAS related) needs. It’s the perfect package for the business with a specific project to be completed whether that be a technology review, bookkeeping BAS review, training, a new data file or perhaps a conversion from one accounting package to another.  The EVOLUTION service can be streamlined to suit your requirements.  Click HERE for more information. 


T3 Partners ELITE service is tailor-made and designed by a dedicated Account Manager. ELITE service clients receive T3 Partners expert advice, consulting services, bookkeeping services and chosen technology solutions for an unlimited number of hours at one annual fee.  Click HERE for more information.


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