Why connect your banks to QBO?

Direct feeds provide a secure, reliable connection between your bank account(s) and QuickBooks Online thereby eliminating connection errors as well as duplicate and missing transactions. This new level of accuracy will save you time and help give you peace of mind so you can continue focusing on growing your business, not keying in data.

1. Reduce data entry

Connecting your bank accounts to QuickBooks Online is a great time saver as it eliminates the bulk of your data entry. You’ve got more important (and interesting) things to do than punch in transactions!

2. Automate your coding

For those frequent or recurring entries like petrol, rent, wages, etc you can set up rules so QuickBooks Online codes them automatically for you. This is a great time saver and makes sure transactions are consistently coded each and every time. 

3. Have the latest business information anytime

When you connect your bank account(s) to QuickBooks Online, your business information is up to date so you can see in real time how your business is going. This means there’s never any surprises and you’re always in control.

Connecting your bank accounts to QuickBooks Online is easy to do plus you can download the last 90 days’ transactions if you need too. Here is a step to step guide to help you get started, as well as a list of all the bank that connect to QuickBooks Online.

Here’s a list of the banks that are lined up to start providing direct feeds over the coming months. We’d love to hear from you about which other banks you’d like to see added.

QuickBooks supported banks:

  • ANZ
  • NAB
  • St. George
  • Bank SA
  • Bank of Queensland
  • Bank of Melbourne
  • Macquarie Bank
  • Bendigo Bank
  • Adelaide Bank

To see how to link your bank accounts click Link your banks

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